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picture of a stylised red grape is the guide to the guides, a service that can save you lots of time and money by pointing you toward the right bottle of Australian or New Zealand wine at the right price. Rather than you having to spend the time and money necessary to keep up to date with the latest, best-value Australian and New Zealand wines, I do the work for you. I systematically sift through a wide range of wine magazines, wine guides, the weekly press, wine show awards, and various on-line guides. On the basis of all this research, I provide you with a regularly-updated listing of truly smart Australian and New Zealand wines offering the best value for money at most price points.

Almost all the wines listed have been recommended by prominent and respected Australian, New Zealand or internationally-based wine writers and reviewers, such as James Halliday, Huon Hooke, Jeremy Oliver, Michael Cooper, Bob Campbell MW, Max Allen and Campbell Mattinson. In many cases, the wines have also been awarded gold and silver medals at major wine shows and competitions. In other words, every single wine on the Smartwines site can be considered as standing above the increasingly large, confusing pack.

In the database, you will find detailed information on the critical reception/rating and wine show performance of just over 700 wines, in many cases along with tasting notes and winemaking information from the winemaker. For a wine to be listed on the site, it has to be not only amongst the better and even best examples of its type, but it also has to be good value, and ideally very good value, in relative terms. This means, for example, that an excellent riesling priced at $A20 will be more highly rated here than an equally outstanding riesling priced at $A30 or more, and the first wine will be given a five star rating, while the second will be rated perhaps 4 stars. If you are a wine consumer, can help you select fine, great-value Australian and NZ wines that you can buy with complete confidence (blind tasting is good, but blind buying is not!).If you are a wholesaler, an importer or a retailer, can help you market and individualize the Australian and NZ wines already in your portfolio, as well as help you decide which others to include.

Finding the wines:
1. Wine Robot ( will find on-line sources for a wine within Australia, with prices. Not always reliably comprehensive in its coverage of wines or on-line merchants.
2. Wine-Searcher ( provides an extremely useful, flexible tool for finding an on-line source of Australian wines, in many different countries. The basic listing is free, the comprehensive listing is not.
3. If you live in the USA, try
4. At Wine Anorak (, you will find a comprehensive listing of wine merchants in the U.K.
5. At Wine Spectator (, you will find an extensive listing of wine merchants in the US, state by state.
6. Wine Diva ( offers a listing of wine retailers, importers and so forth, world-wide.
7. Finally, on the website of each winery/producer you will almost always find information on distributors, within Australia and NZ as well as internationally. Try emailing the distributor in your country to ask about local stockists of the wine you are looking for. the guide to the guides, an advisory service that can save you lots of time and money by pointing you toward the right bottle of Australian and New Zealand wine at the right price. The really good news is that this site will remain completely free of charge and fully accessible until at least the end of 2008. So please explore it at your leisure, and let me know what you think by sending an email to: